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How long should dentures last?

Question from reader: I read that dentures should last 10 to 15 years. Is this true? The American Dental Association recommends replacing your dentures every 5 to 7 years. One consistent observation I have made with patients who have worn their dentures 10 years plus, is the over-closure of the bite. (Nose & chin are […]

Why are black stains forming around the teeth in my dentures? None of the cleaners I’ve tried can remove these stains. What can I do?

Stain Removal on Dentures The formation of stains is usually the result of poor processing. Great care must be taken in making dentures to insure a tight seal around each tooth. If this step is not done properly, a space is left between the tooth and the denture base. Over time, stains can form in […]

I need to have all my teeth extracted. What can I expect with my first set of dentures?

What to expect with your first set of dentures This calls for an “immediate denture.” An advantage is you’ll immediately have a new set of dentures that can help reduce swelling during the healing period after your natural teeth are extracted. Prior to your tooth extraction, we take impressions of your teeth and surrounding tissue, […]

Why do all dentures seem to look alike?

Why Do Cheap Dentures All Look The Same? A common complaint of denture wearers is the dreaded “denture look.” Mass production has brought us artificial teeth of uniform size, shape and color; dull, lifeless teeth placed in a picket fence arrangement. Many denture wearers are self-conscious with this neutered look (neither masculine or feminine) and […]