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Question from reader:

I am 46 years old. I wear an upper and lower denture. I have very little ridge left on the lower. The dentist I saw one year ago for dentures said he didn’t believe in implants. Do you have any suggestions?

It is very unfortunate that you were discouraged in seeking a procedure that would solve your problems with your lower ridge. Implants will stop the bone loss and give you a stable lower denture.

after dentures

Patient with dental implants and overdenture

At your young age it is important that you explore the option of implants. You don’t want to allow the bone loss on our lower ridge to become so severe that you don’t have enough bone left to have implants placed.

We provide you with the beautiful cosmetics so that you can have a natural smile along with a stable lower denture. Call our office and we will refer you to our oral surgeon.

Color brochure available. Call for complimentary evaluation.

David Chiovelli, D.D., L.D.

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