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Question from a reader:

I’ve worn dentures for over 30 years now, and there’s very little ridge left on my lower jaw. What are my options?

There are several options to remedy your situation. We have special back teeth designed to stabilize the lower denture. This eliminates most tipping and rocking that can cause great discomfort.

We can also add a permanent soft liner in your lower that cushions the denture. Combining this soft liner along with special back teeth can be very helpful.

Another option is to place two implant posts in your lower jaw to completely stabilize the lower denture. We work with one of Oregon’s finest board-certified oral surgeons. Many patients choose this procedure with great success. First, we create the new upper and lower denture to insure that your bite is perfect and cosmetic aspects are exactly as we want them. The oral surgeon then inserts the posts beneath your gum. When the posts stabilize in 90 days, your dentures are fitted to the posts. A real plus is that you will never be without your dentures during this period.

after dentures

Patient with implant overdentures

With this last process, we truly achieve the best of both worlds — beautiful cosmetics and a totally stable lower denture.

Color brochure available. Call for a complimentary evaluation.

David Chiovelli, D.D., L.D.

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