Dentures and Bone Loss – How it affects your smile

How wearing dentures and bone loss affects your smile

Question from reader:

After I lost my natural teeth and got dentures, my lips have all but disappeared. Why?dentures picture

The longer you wear dentures and the more bone loss you have, the more care and attention must be paid to the cosmetic aspects of your new denture. With more bone loss the teeth must be set farther forward to support the upper lip. The areas at the corners of the mouth can be filled in and supported to help give a more youthful smile.
At my office we go to the mirror with the teeth in a temporary wax state, to make sure we have the proper lip support before processing the dentures.
Many patients like to take the teeth home in the wax stage to show friends and family before we process the case. This is very helpful in deciding on the final arrangement of the teeth.
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