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A common problem of denture wearers is dissatisfaction with appearance. Mass production has brought us artificial teeth of uniform size, shape, and color. All possess the monotony of sameness — dull, lifeless teeth placed in a picket fence arrangement. The “denture look” is prevalent in our society. The “false teeth” appearance is dreaded by every denture wearer who has known this neutered look (neither masculine nor feminine).

The Differences in Men’s and Women’s Dentures

Men’s and women’s teeth have distinctly different characteristics. Men’s are inherently more angular, rugged and masculine. Women’s are round, soft and feminine. In denture fabrication, keeping a woman a woman and a man a man is of primary importance. The degree of masculinity or femininity is left to my patient’s discretion.

Thousands of people have suffered repressed personalities. These individuals hide their teeth by looking away, covering their mouth with their hands, or just not smiling. Self consciousness is always present.

Core Denture Concepts

Our denture care is the art, practice, and technique of creating the illusion of natural teeth in artificial dentures. It is based on three vital factors: gender, personality and age. Each of these factors plays a separate role of importance and cannot be over looked.

The foundation of our practices is to enhance the naturalness of appearance for our patients by contributing to the beauty, charm, character, and dignity of their smiles. We have the tools at my command to create the illusion of any desired age. As a highly skilled specialists, we can use beautiful imported teeth with distinctly masculine or feminine characteristics to create an arrangement that totally suits your personality and age. It is common to give back ten years in appearance. Many times self confidence is totally regained.

This denture concept is the ultimate adventure in cosmetic art and a most rewarding one.

About Dentures and Dental Implants

If you are a good candidate for implants, the benefits are numerous. Implants may be just the answer for you:

• if you have excessive bone loss,

• the need for excessive adhesives,

• the inability to eat a proper diet, or

• constant sore spots that move from side to side.

 What can Dental Implants do for you?

…and what are the benefits?

Many of our patients tell us that implants have changed their lives as well as their smiles. When you have one or more teeth to replace, implants are a permanent, secure substitute for your natural teeth. They function as anchors or support for dentures, bridges or crowns. Implants are made from bio-compatible materials, the same as hip replacements or similar orthopedic devices. More good reasons for selecting dental implants:

• They function like real teeth, allowing you to chew and eat without pain.

• They don’t need adhesives to anchor to your prosthesis.

• They help reduce bone atrophy and maintain your facial structure and tissues.

• Implants let you taste and enjoy food better because you won’t have acrylic covering the roof of your mouth.

Are Dental Implants Successful?

after dentures

Patient with Dentures & Implants (image provided by Swiss Denture Center)

Yes. Implant technology has been in use for about twenty-five years. During the last decade, significant improvements have made implant success rates extremely high.

Dental implants have been gaining a lot of attention lately and are extremely popular, and for good reason. The prices have remained relatively stable over the years, but the quality of the actual implants and success rates have risen dramatically. As with anything, experience and technical ability separates the more successful procedures from the less successful ones. Our office has worked with implants for dentures extensively since 1985 and this kind of experience comes in crucial when more complex treatments are involved. Every type of denture attachment, bar, and implant system developed over the last 30 years has been seen in our office, and our own in-house implant attachment product reserves contains attachments which are no longer available anywhere else except our office. In most cases this allows us to make a new denture which will fit over an already existing implant system without having to replace all of the existing implants with new ones, which can become quite costly.

Placing a fixed denture (a denture that the patient cannot remove themselves, sometimes misguidedly referred to as a “permanent” denture), or a removable denture (one that the patient can remove themselves) on top of implants is currently the preferred method of choice for retaining a lower or upper denture. There are many types of dental implants on the market today and our office offers implant placement services to our patients. The implant fees vary depending on how many implants are required to sufficiently stabilize the denture or partial, how much bone you have left, and which treatment will best serve you to obtain your desired wants and needs.

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