Temporary and Immediate Dentures

Temporary and Immediate Denture Specialist for Portland, Oregonswiss dentures

If you have very few teeth remaining that are not strong enough to support a bridge or partial denture, immediate dentures may be the best solution. The purpose of immediate dentures is for you to never be without teeth. (Please see before and after photos of immediate dentures).

 The advantage of immediate dentures is — they are ready to wear right away, instead of waiting several weeks for your mouth to heal and then having a denture made which can take an additional month.

 Immediate dentures are different in that there is no cosmetic try-in since immediates are made before your teeth are extracted. This should not pose any problem to you because cosmetic enhancement is my specialty.

 Before planning your oral surgery, I take impressions of your remaining teeth and create a new immediate denture. Right after your surgery, the oral surgeon will insert the new denture. This will keep the swelling under control.

Follow the post-operative instructions from my office and the oral surgeon’s. Swelling is normal, but it is important to have it under control. Keep your new immediate denture inserted after the surgery for three days without removing it, unless the oral surgeon states otherwise.

 After approximately six months, your ridges, tissue and gums will have healed and changed shape, requiring a reline of the existing denture or an entirely new one. If you need a new one, additional aesthetic changes can be made to further improve your appearance.

 If you have more than sixteen teeth removed, it’s advisable to use immediate dentures as temporaries and have final dentures made after six months of healing.