Loose lower dentures cause sore spots

Loose lower dentures and sore spotsdenture sore spot

Question from reader:

My lower denture is loose, food gets under it and I often have sore spots. What can be done for me?

Having 2 lower implants placed in the lower jaw is becoming the standard of care and the choice of treatment for thousands of patients. There are many types of implants to consider, depending on your needs and desired goals. Some of these procedures are relatively quick and inexpensive.

The benefits of an implant stabilized lower dentures are numerous. No tipping and rocking, minimal food under the denture, ability to eat a more balanced diet, bone loss and resorption are almost completely eliminated, confidence and self-esteem are greatly increased. Eat out again with ease and comfort.

For over 20 years we have been helping patients make an intelligent and informed decision for the treatment that best suits their needs.

Call for a complimentary evaluation, and to learn more about implant supported dentures. We work with several of the top implant surgeons and dentists in Portland and the surrounding areas.


David Chiovelli, D.D.


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