Why are black stains forming around the teeth in my dentures? None of the cleaners I’ve tried can remove these stains. What can I do?

Stain Removal on Dentures

The formation of stains is usually the result of poor processing. Great care must be taken in making dentures to insure a tight seal around each tooth. If this step is not done properly, a space is left between the tooth and the denture base. Over time, stains can form in that space.

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This is just one example of my statement: “Not all dentures are alike.” Mass production doesn’t allow the time needed to insure the proper steps are taken. Cheap teeth and materials do not produce the results people want and deserve.

In my office, we use the most advanced processing system available today. We take the time to build dentures so that stains will not appear. All of our work is done by hand in my laboratory for the best possible results.

We also carry the very best denture cleaner on the market. It is not available in stores. It works for all dental appliances and soft liners.

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