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Swiss Denture Center was established in the Portland, Oregon area in 1983.  Since then we have offered only the finest, custom made cosmetic dentures and dental implants available.  Our revered Swiss Denture Technique in known world wide as a treatment that is second to none, and constitutes the leading edge of denture and dental implant prosthetic technology.  The unmatched benefits and advantages to the Swiss Denture Technique has been acknowledged many times over through published articles, literature, and online forums.

Our Goal at PortlandDentures.com

The goal at Swiss Denture Center is simple, offer dentures, partials and dental implants to patients to solve their individual needs and concerns.  With this philosophy it is important for us to educate our patients and the general public on the differences of mass produced dentures and implants, versus custom made dentures using the Swiss Denture Technique.  Because of this, we offer each and every new client a private one-on-one consultation to address your specific needs and challenges, so that we may develop a custom made denture or dental implant solution for you.  Different denture teeth and occlusal schemes (the ways artificial teeth are positioned in a denture) are meant to address different issues and challenges.  For example, a person who is having difficulty chewing with their current dentures will have different challenges than someone loosing their teeth due to gum disease.

Who comes to Portland Dentures?

after dentures

Patient with Dentures & Implants (image provided by Swiss Denture Center)

At Swiss Denture Center we have worked with patients aged 10 to 97 who have needed dentures and dental implants for a wide array of reasons.  These can be reasons from massive trauma reconstruction, tooth loss due to illness (i.e. cancer, pregnancy, gum disease, etc.), to patients who have had dentures for years, but are tired of cheap mass produced prosthetics.

We have patients that have traveled from all over the United States to take advantage of our state-of-the-art lab which is located on-site at Swiss Denture Center here in Portland.

The most satisfying part of our practice is when a patient sees their new teeth in the mirror.  Even though our work enhances our patient’s appearance, the best testament to the Swiss Denture Technique is when patients tell us,

“My friends don’t believe I’m wearing dentures because they look so natural and real!”

Free Swiss Denture Technique Consultations at Swiss Denture Center in Portland, Oregon

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