Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures Specialist for Portland, Oregonpartial denture

If you are missing teeth in either arch it is very important to replace them. The teeth next to the missing ones will drift and move out of their proper position. This can cause bone loss, and lead to more extensive problems. The longer you are without a partial, the more complicated the restoration will become.

If you are wearing an upper denture and are missing your lower back teeth, you need to replace those back teeth with a partial denture or dental implant to have proper balance and function.

 There are many different types of partials available today which are meant to resolve specific issues. Specific styles of partials will indeed have distinct advantages over others, from flexible partials, fixed rigid partials with clasps, implant-supported partials, mixed support partials, unilateral partials, single tooth partials, and so on. Some partials will be more suited for esthetics, while others may be more suited for chewing efficiency, some can even give you the best of both.

In order to see which type of prosthetic would best suit your specific needs, it is best for us to have your mouth thoroughly examined and then discuss a treatment plan with you keeping your needs and budget in mind.