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Why are black stains forming around the teeth in my dentures? None of the cleaners I’ve tried can remove these stains. What can I do?

Stain Removal on Dentures The formation of stains is usually the result of poor processing. Great care must be taken in making dentures to insure a tight seal around each tooth. If this step is not done properly, a space is left between the tooth and the denture base. Over time, stains can form in […]

Why do all dentures seem to look alike?

Why Do Cheap Dentures All Look The Same? A common complaint of denture wearers is the dreaded “denture look.” Mass production has brought us artificial teeth of uniform size, shape and color; dull, lifeless teeth placed in a picket fence arrangement. Many denture wearers are self-conscious with this neutered look (neither masculine or feminine) and […]

I lost my smile after my natural teeth were extracted. I don’t even smile for pictures anymore. What can be done to help me get my smile back?

Getting your smile back with custom cosmetic dentures There is a very good chance you can have your smile back. It is a fact that denture wearers want and need more than is being offered from the typical office. Custom denture treatment is available. You will need to choose a denture specialist/cosmetic artist to get […]