Why do all dentures seem to look alike?

Why Do Cheap Dentures All Look The Same?

A common complaint of denture wearers is the dreaded “denture look.” Mass production has brought us artificial teeth of uniform size, shape and color; dull, lifeless teeth placed in a picket fence arrangement. Many denture wearers are self-conscious with this neutered look (neither masculine or feminine) and hide their teeth with their hand, or suppress their smiles.

My denture concept includes the art, practice and technique of creating the illusion of natural teeth in artificial dentures. It is designed to enhance your comfort and self–confidence by contributing to the beauty, charm and character of your smile. My patients often look ten years younger. As a highly skilled specialist, I can choose teeth with distinctly masculine or feminine characteristics to create an arrangement that totally suits you — this is the ultimate, most rewarding adventure in cosmetic art.

before and after denture picture

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