I need to have all my teeth extracted. What can I expect with my first set of dentures?

What to expect with your first set of dentures

This calls for an “immediate denture.” An advantage is you’ll immediately have a new set of dentures that can help reduce swelling during the healing period after your natural teeth are extracted.
Prior to your tooth extraction, we take impressions of your teeth and surrounding tissue, along with measurements to establish your bite. Immediate dentures eliminate the cosmetic “try-in” step (for adjustments during the building of regular dentures), yet we can still make cosmetic improvements.

Temporary Dentures

Your first denture will probably be temporary. Mouth tissues and bone can change radically with tooth extraction. A few weeks into the healing process, your dentures can be refitted for more comfort. And, in nine to twelve months the final denture can be made when your ridges become stabilized and there’s more room in your mouth to achieve the best fit.
The first few weeks with new dentures will be a learning process for your mouth and muscles. Some people adjust quickly and others take longer depending on the shape and size of their bone and ridges.

I encourage my patients to keep all natural teeth that can be saved. Spending the time and money to care for your teeth and gums is an investment in your health, appearance, self-esteem and happiness.

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