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Porcelain Dentures or Acrylic Dentures

Porcelain is harder than acrylic enamel and is not for everyone. There is a “Sound” with porcelain that some people don’t like. If you’ve only worn porcelain (in the case of a full upper and lower) you will probably not be happy changing to acrylic. Porcelain is far more destructive on natural teeth than acrylic. If you have all of your natural lower teeth, you should never wear a porcelain upper denture. I have seen many cases where lower teeth were worn down so far they could only be saved with crowns.

Acrylic dentures last longer than cheap plastic dentures

I recommend the finest grade of hardened acrylic teeth, which last much longer than the least expensive plastic.

My selection of teeth are made in both acrylic and porcelain and are the finest available today. I make choices based on your needs; the shape and condition of your bone and ridges; what you have worn in the past and your natural teeth placement. It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between my denture work and natural teeth.

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David Chiovelli, D.D.

Portland’s Denture Specialist

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